The Secret Formula for Happiness and Success for Women

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” (Buddha)

What success and happiness means to you? Is it lavish home, expensive cars, being famous, being powerful, having a lot of money, and so on. Maybe you’re the type of person that only wants the simple home, simple life.


There are different meanings of success, but what matter is the question you have inside: Are you happy with what you have – with the success that you get? It is what you really want or what you really want inside?


Our ego demands for more, it wants to fill the “I and Me “ self, even when you get all the things that you want, you still feel empty, you still feel unhappy. To all the success, recognitions that you have, you’re still not happy. You demand more, you crave, and you can’t be satisfied unless you won or you became successful or get the things you want. Then through all the things you’ve done, it’s not enough. You become a worrier, and then questions come in your mind, asking if you’ve done the right decision. Then you try to seek happiness in your life.


Don’t try to find success, instead magnet the happiness in your life. When you truly embrace happiness in your life, success will find it’s way to you. But what you truly need is what’s inside.


Success for women comes in many different forms like having a family, pursuing the career you want – your passion, being at peace with yourself, being happy. Like many people, we all wanted to be happy and successful.


Secret #1: Happiness is Awakening Your Consciousness

Awareness is the first step to your transformation. When you are conscious about yourself, about your situation, you are being open to a lot of possibilities.


Secret # 2: Happiness can Find Within Yourself

The common misconception in the world is when people think that happiness can find in material things, being more – beautiful, have more money, being powerful or famous. Sometimes we try to find happiness anywhere where we find it first within ourselves. A famous poet Rumi says, “Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”


Secret # 3: Success is Giving

Who doesn’t want to help people? We all want to help one another. A successful woman knows the value of giving. We often hear the words, ‘it’s better to give than to receive’. Some people say that it’s better to be poor than to be rich because rich people are not happy. When you are happy you’re already successful then money attracts you. So, the more you give the more you receive. It’s a law that actually works.


Secret # 4: Loving Yourself + Pursuing Your Purpose = Happiness & Success

You might be beating yourself for many years, thinking that you are not good enough, or you’re a failure. Failure is only an event, not the person. You’re afraid when you step into loving yourself; many things will going to change. Start loving yourself and discover your purpose in life. The moment you acknowledge yourself as a loving person, you will unfold the miracle in front of you.


Secret # 5: Taking Action

Do not give up and always take action in pursuing your purpose. Procrastination is the number one deadly enemy you might encounter. Set your goals and track your progress. Appreciate everything that you are doing. In that time, you will feel happy. And success is no longer a goal but happiness is.


Secret #6: Happiness is Success Itself

In the movie ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness’, quoted “We should concern not so much with the pursuit of happiness. But with the happiness of pursuit.”


No matter what success and happiness means to you. Do not find it outside. Find it in every pieces of you and you will find that everything is beautiful in spite of the many difficult situations your facing. Happiness is a matter of choice…


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