How To Wake Up Early: Tips To Trick Your Morning

Getting up early in the morning is really hard especially for those people who are night owls. Sometimes people who get used to waking up early have their own body clock that will wake them up the time it has been programmed too.


We are all guilty on some point of our life. Remember those lazy days moment when you don’t want to get up on bed and you want to cuddle with your pillows and plushies. It’s okay to be lazy sometimes especially when it needed. Because delaying getting up on bed could somehow give you some good results. But I do not recommend being lazy all the time because this could lead to procrastination and anxiety.


My work before was graveyard shift, and my schedule sometimes changes every week. When I resigned from my work, I stayed at home for a couple of months. It’s a bit challenging to change my body clock. I usually set my alarm clock at 4:30am and 4:35am depending on when I sleep in the evening. Every day, I heard the alarm clock ringing but I just shot it off then sleep again. Sometimes, I wake up before my alarm clock ring and I look into my phone’s time and sleep again when I saw it was past 30 or an hour. I created a goal night before I wake up; I still don’t wake up early. I become worried that my actions will become a habit. I’ve made a decision to myself that I need to change my routine. Discipline is the first key. I vision myself waking up early and getting the results I wanted. I help myself to wake up early. At first, it’s tough, especially when you’re not used to it but I am clear with want. I get up there and do some actions. After few weeks, I already saw myself, waking up early. It’s like my body already had its own mind.


Here are the tips that work for me and I hope it will going to work for you:


Tip 1: Don’t make a plan, instead already set your mind that you are waking up early in the morning. Vision yourself waking up early.


Tip 2: Set Multiple Alarm Clocks.


Tip 3: Before you go to sleep, meditate and let go of any anxiety, worry, and emotional baggage that keep holding you back.


Tip 4: Make sure you go to bed and sleep early at night. I sleep around 11pm so I wake up 5am. Sleep should be 7-8 hours. But I usually sleep 6 hours.


Tip 5: When you wake up at least 30 minutes before your alarm clock, get up on bed already.


Tip 6: Put away gadgets like cell phones, tablets, etc.


Tip 7: Do 5-10 minutes Yoga or exercise before going to bed if possible.


Tip 8: Do 5-15 minutes meditation if possible.


Tip 9: Have a reason to wake up early. Don’t give up.


Tip 10: The moment that you hear the alarm clock, open your eyes and say, “I love myself. I forgive myself. Thank you Lord, for this opportunity to live another day. I am excited to wake up early. I am beautiful.”


Stay alert! What to do when you get up on bed?


You already conquer waking up early. It’s time to be spontaneous. One step at a time, you don’t want to force yourself but let it just go and go with the flow. There are some tips that may work for you.


  • Read some inspirational quotes to stay motivated throughout the day
  • Drink some water
  • Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee
  • Meditate, do yoga or exercise
  • Do what you love to do
  • Write something interesting
  • Listen to happy and lively songs


Getting up early is really challenging. The discipline you put on yourself whether you want to reach a goal is always worth it.



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