My First Canvas Painting

I finally sit down during weekends and continue my pending painting. I find peace and serenity whenever I do my arts and crafty works; one of this is painting. My painting supposed not to have those sprinkle on it. I accidentally spill a paint on it and leave it like what you see in the picture. I realized my mistakes turned out to be beautiful. It turned out to be a great painting. Painting clears my mind and focused on just the moment I am painting it. There’s no right nor wrong when you are painting. Everything is beautiful. It’s how you interpret the painting itself. Here’s a poem that a just thought when I am painting “Find Balance”.



Life could be messy sometimes.

It gives you trials, heartbreak, and pain.

What special about life is that you love and you feel loved.

It gives you joy, hope, and peace.

Our life is colorful and messy.

We make mistakes and have failures.

Find balance in the midst of chaos.

Find yourself in the middle of your difficulties.

Find balance between life and love.

Find your purpose between what you want

and what you need at the moment.

Your mess will turn out to be your greatest glory.

It’s your life that you create.

Keep creating your life masterpiece.

You are enough for you.

You are a beautiful mess.


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